A day at the museum

Ever since the Ben Stiller movie “A Night at the Museum” came out in 2006, the American Museum of Natural History in New York City has said it has had record attendance. Thousands of people have been captivated by the story of a night watchman dealing with museum exhibits that came to life after dark. Gregory and I joined them to visit this impressive building just off Central Park.

We may not have spent the night there, but we did spend most of the day marvelling at dinosaur skeletons on the fourth floor, sitting beside a statue of Theodore Roosevelt in the Memorial Hall, gawking at a enormous blue whale suspended from the ceiling in the Hall of Ocean Life, and experiencing life with 3D sharks in the IMAX theatre.

Although the exhibits didn’t come alive like they did in the movie, I could have sworn the full-size animals in the North American wildlife dioramas were so real-looking that they were actually staring back at me. It was probably just my imagination, but then…