A thundering wall of water

This is the Williams Water Wall (formerly the Transco Water Wall) in Houston, Texas. It sits in a three-acre park at the base of the Williams Tower, a very tall blue building that is so high, it is a landmark that you can see from far off. The fountain is a good complement to the building, since it feels just as tall and huge.

Every minute, 11,000 gallons of water thunder down the inside and outside surface of a horseshoe-shaped concrete wall, 64 feet tall. The front of it is shielded by a gabled archway, reminiscent of an Ancient Roman theatre stage. When you enter through the archways and stand in the middle of the horseshoe, you are engulfed, not only physically by the towering concrete wall, but also by the incredible roar of the water.

A very interesting and invigorating experience, the fountain was built in 1985, by architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee, who also designed the Fort Worth Water Gardens.