Arts and Crafts comfort

Arts and Crafts style, the handcrafted tradition so popular in the early 20th century, has made a comeback in the last 10 years with its horizontal lines, medieval craftsmanship, and homespun comfort. Derivative designs are now everywhere, but if you want to see authentic examples of the original look, there’s no better place to visit than East Aurora, New York, where writer/philosopher Elbert Hubbard gathered together a community of printers, furniture makers, metalsmiths, leathersmiths, and bookbinders.

After Hubbard died aboard the Lusitania in 1915, the artistic colony gradually declined, but many examples of its work remain, including the Roycroft Inn, a hotel built in 1905 around Hubbard’s original home. Although the building languished for many years, it was restored to its former glory in 1995 and is now a beautiful showcase for the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Gregory and I had stayed at the hotel several years before, so when we were passing through recently, we decided to stop in for dinner and enjoy an elegant meal in the dining room overlooking the courtyard garden. Great food and great atmosphere!