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Re-roofing the library dome

The Bangor Public Library in Maine has a beautiful home in a Classical-style structure built in 1913. It has high-ceilinged rooms with fireplaces, lots of wood trim around doors and windows, built-in shelving tucked into all the walls, and great seating…

Jailhouse library

Libraries are usually housed in structures specifically built for them. But sometimes they are located in buildings which have had previous uses. The Morrin Centre in Quebec City is a great example of this. The building opened in 1812 as…

Whispering among the books

There’s something about a church that makes people want to whisper, and it seems even more appropriate to do so when a church becomes a library. The Bibliotheque Saint-Jean-Baptiste is located in the former St. Matthew’s Anglican Church on rue St.…

A glimpse of government gothic

One of Canada’s most beautiful libraries is the Library of Parliament in Ottawa, Ontario. I was able to see the reading room during a recent tour of Parliament’s Centre Block, where the library sits at the rear of the main…

Boston’s jewel box

I had heard that the downtown Boston Public Library was one of the most beautiful libraries in the United States (as well as one of the first publicly-funded libraries, founded in 1848), so on a recent trip to Beantown, I headed…

Always be reading.
Go to the library.
There’s magic in being surrounded by books.
Get lost in the stacks.
Read bibliographies.
It’s not the book you start with, it’s the book that book leads you to.


– Austin Kleon, Steal Like An Artist


The library Colosseum

Which library could be considered a literary arena for books and information materials? The winner would have to be the Vancouver Central Library. Designed by Canadian architect Moshe Safdie and completed in 1995, the building resembles the Colosseum in Rome,…

My top 7 pics from Florida and Texas

Even though I toted my SLR camera along with me in the car on the Florida trip, it only came out on two occasions (the Dolphin Research Centre and Colonial Williamsburg). Most of the time, I took photographs with my…

My top 5 stories from Florida and Texas

I visited so many wonderful places during my trips to Florida (including Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia) and Texas (including Louisiana and Ohio) that it was hard to pin down just five great stories, but here they are: Tea, anyone? Discover…

Fountain of the books

The Amelia Valerio Weinberg Memorial Fountain in front of the Main Library in Cincinnati, Ohio. Books and fountains together: what could be better?