Cool oasis in the Eternal City

Rome is known for its fountains, from the smallest wall fountains that provide drinking water to the large plaza fountains, which instill feelings of awe and grandeur.

But this summer, many of them were under wraps being cleaned, repaired or restored. So the famous Trevi Fountain was out of commission, as was the iconic boat fountain in the Piazza di Spagna. Even the domed fountains in St. Peter’s Square were dry.

So when I was walking through the hot streets of the Eternal City looking for a shady spot to rest and relax, a vision of soothing respite appeared in the Fontana della Piazza dei Quiriti off the busy shopping street of the Via Cola di Rienzo. In a small circular park, trees and benches surrounded a sculptural tiered fountain with quiet plashing water.

I later found out that the fountain was designed in 1927 by Attilio Selva and created quite a sensation because of the four nudes holding up the top basin. But on this hot afternoon, little excitement was in evidence. Just calm and peaceful coolness.