My top 5 California stories

My visit to Southern California this winter was fabulous, and it’s hard to choose just a few of my best articles about the experience. But here are my picks:

    1. Living “La Vie en Rose”: About Petit Soleil in San Luis Obispo. Staying at this bed and breakfast was one of the most relaxing and delightful experiences ever.
    2. Under the deep blue sea: About the Monterey Bay Aquarium. There were so many opportunities to be engaged and involved.
    3. Experiencing the Experience Library: About the Cerritos Library. Getting a tour of this world famous library was incredible.
    4. Where are the books?: About the the Rare Book Room at the San Diego Central Library. I love a beautiful space, but if it can’t be used, what’s the point?
    5. Marty makes fattigman: About making Norwegian Christmas cookies in Palm Springs. Always great to learn a new recipe.