Walking on the ocean floor

The opportunity to walk on the ocean floor (without getting too wet) seemed like a fun thing to do, so while visiting Moncton, New Brunswick, we drove to the Bay of Fundy near Hopewell Cape and waited for low tide to occur around the Hopewell Rocks. At high tide, the water is usually 37 feet high, but around three in the afternoon, the tide receded from the shore enough so that people could walk where, just a few hours before, kayakers had paddled.

The most famous rocks are the Flowerpot Rocks, eroded by the tides to form stunning natural sculptures. They are called one of the wonders of the world, and I can see why. They are enormous formations, eaten away by the water near their bases, and look like stemmed urns with trees growing out their tops.

I mistook the many mudflats for solid ground, and my sandals got covered in mud. But leaving my footprint on the ocean floor was well worth it.